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Tamshee.com is e-commerce for OE quality automotive parts. Our story starts in 2015, when one of the founders reached his car after a long day at work only to find that his air condition no longer was functioning in the middle of the summer in Dubai. Naturally his first thought was to open the windows, however being 45 degrees outside, that was not much of a comfort. After suffering a 30 minute ride to Al Quoz to try and fix the situation, he was surprised that the part was not available and his jaw dropped at the cost to purchase the part. The inconvenience of lost time, outrageous cost and questionable quality drove him to partner with someone who also found these three characteristics as the bedrock for what tamshee.com should provide its customers – quality parts at affordable prices with a quick delivery.


"Our mission is to transform cars owners stress into power. The powers of savings, convenience, quality and knowledge"

Rise of the Second Hand Vehicle Market

The second hand vehicle market has been growing every year in the country due to the high cost of new, attractive models. Furthermore, the make-up of the country, being a stop-over for expats who will spend several years at best here while accruing wealth, eventually will return home or move on. Buying a new vehicle which depreciates significantly in value shortly after purchase, defeats the purpose of being an expat to begin with. Below are some reasons why owning a second hand vehicle actually makes more sense for expats:

  • Second hand vehicles are more affordable and cost less
  • Car Insurance rates on second hand vehicles are much less
  • Vehicle depreciation is faster in the two years after purchasing a vehicle from a delearship
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