1. Top Four Tips to Clean Your Car Properly

    Top Four Tips to Clean Your Car Properly

    To make your car look new and dashing, you got to clean it regularly. Proper cleaning will help to hide slight wear and tears. Many people think that you have to take your car to vehicle wash services periodically to make it look good. However, you can do it yourself if you follow the right techniques. Listed below are some simple tips and tricks to clean your vehicle correctly.

    Use the Right Tools and Wash it in the Shade

    The first thing to keep in mind is to have the correct pieces of equipment to make the cleaning process easy. Always equip yourself with a microfiber towel and a clean car washing mitt prior to washing your car. Other commonly used materials include right quality vehicle cleaning fluid, a hose and two buckets with a sufficient amount of water. Do not use dishwashing fluid or similar items to wash your car. You can easily buy quality car wash liquids that are specially intended to provide the required lubrication. Dislodged dirt will not scratch y

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  2. How to Restore Power to an Old Engine

    How to Restore Power to an Old Engine

    How to Restore Power to an Old Engine

    IC Engines show a tendency to lose their power at the rate of approximately 1BHP per year. There are a number of reasons as to why this happens such as, fuel system blockage, clogging of air intake filter, exhaust restrictions, reduced performance of ignition spark plugs, and issues related to engine compression. These troubles are developed over time, mostly due to wear and tear. The only lasting solution is to make sure that your vehicle is properly serviced every time you take it to the service station.

    Restoring the Fuel System

    ICE generates lots of heat along with carbon deposits during its operation. Remnants of combusted fuel are expelled along with each piston stroke. But nevertheless, it omits muck which largely consists of dregs of water, coolant, and carbon. Overtime, these can turn into gunk and thereby undermine the engine’s operation.

    Gunk builds up gradually and most drivers won’t notice it up

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  3. Common Transmission Issues and How to Diagnose Them

    Common Transmission Issues and How to Diagnose Them

    Common Transmission Issues and How to Diagnose Them

    After a few years of usage, transmission issues will inadvertently crop up in any automobile. A typical transmission system in a vehicle features a large number of components which are connected together and constantly scraping against each other. Over time, due to the continuous exposure to warmth and friction, these vehicle parts will undergo severe wear and tear. Listed below are the five common transmission issues that occur in vehicles.

    Gears Synchronizers and Clutch

    Tattered out gear synchronizers is the most widely seen transmission issue encountered by a vehicle. Gear synchronizers play an important role in any automobile; it is this component that aids in effortless gear shifting. On continuous operation, the gear synchronizers might get worn out and this will lead to transmission issues over time. If the gear shifts are rough or bumpy, this might be due to worn out synchros. If left unattended,

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  4. How to buy genuine OEM spare parts

    How to buy genuine OEM spare parts

    To keep a vehicle in running condition for long, it is necessary to always use good quality and genuine spare parts in it. These parts are specially designed to last the life of your vehicle under normal working conditions.

    When you are using a vehicle for long, its parts become old and wear out, and you need to replace them. There are many spare parts available in the market that resemble the genuine ones, but in reality, these spare parts are sub-standard and actually a waste of money.

    If you want your vehicle to remain in good running condition, you should always use good quality parts produced by qualified manufacturers.

    When you use spare parts from good quality manufacturers, you can assure that your vehicle meets the same standards used by the vehicle manufacturer.

    Here are 3 beneficial reasons to use OEM parts for all repairing:

    1. Better Quality:

    Here, we are referring to fit and function. Obviously,

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  5. When you should replace brake pads of your car

    When you should replace brake pads of your car

    One of the most important parts of a vehicle is its brakes. You can’t drive a car if its brakes are not working properly. But if there are no clear signs that your brake has some issues, how you would know you require new brakes?

    Making sure that your brakes are in the right working condition not only save you money in a long run, but it also helps in potentially save your vehicle, and overall your life in case your car met an accident.

    Usually, you can check if your brakes are working properly or not by having a look at it or by hearing the sound it is producing.

    If you want to see if your brake is working properly, check the condition of brake cushions through the spokes of wheels. The outside of the cushion will be squeezed against a metal rotor. The thickness of the cushion should be around ¼ inch. If it is less than this, it’s time to change your brake cushions.

    Similarly, if you hear a shrill shrieking sound when you use it, y

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  6. Finding custom Auto Spare Part

    Finding custom Auto Spare Part

    When it comes finding a spare part for your vehicle Tamshee is the best place providing great values to your thoughts. We are providing everything from radiator to Smoke Evacuation Systems for your vehicle. Now your worries are to have working internet connection on your mobile. After that you can just check into our website and find your part. One more good news if you can't find your spare part you can request one. Tamshee cares about your time and the comfort you expect from your vehicle.

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