Buy Brake Disk Parts

If you feel your car brakes aren’t providing the optimum performance, you should buy new brake rotors to enhance the safety. It is a great idea to invest in a good set of brake disk in Dubai as the traffic laws are strict and the roads need you to drive smoothly. We provide high-quality brake disc material which can save your money. Our brake system components are designed, manufactured, and engineered to deal with the high temperature of the region and day-to-day stresses and pressures that comes with driving. You can browse through our gallery to find the perfect fit for the specific make and model of your car.

Warning Signs for Brake Inspection

You should replace your brakes when you find the following issues:

  • There is an indication of a system imbalance and the brake light on dashboard is red.
  • The brake light on your car's dashboard turns amber, which indicates the issues with ABS (anti-lock brake system)
  • The brake pedal of your vehicle is slow to respond or become spongy.
  • There is a constant squealing or you hear some grinding during braking.

Complete Brakes Parts Package

If you have air in the brake lines or there is any leakage in the brakes which is invisible, you may need to make an emergency stop. These hidden issues are difficult to detect before time. At Tamshee, we provide complete brake services including checking the levels of brake fluid, examining the damage of brake lining, replacing brake pads as well as diagnosing the issues with rotor thickness, hoses and brake lines, and dash and brake warning lights.