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In the standard car, there are more than 2,000 parts that go into making the final product. Perhaps one of the most important systems in any car are the brakes. Brakes help drivers navigate the road safely by assisting the car to slow down and come to a complete stop. If you are looking for brake pads price in Dubai or disc brake parts in Dubai, has what you are looking for.


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Below are examples of brake pads and brake discs that we have in stock:


Brake Services in Dubai

Part Manufacturer: Ferodo

Type: Brake Pad

Part Number: FDB1050

Car Installations: Chrysler & Mercedes-Benz

Brake Services in UAE

Part Manufacturer: TRW

Type: Brake Disc (Front)

Part Number: DF7220

Car Installations: Nissan


Below you can learn more about the different braking systems and how to identify if your brakes need replacing.


Braking Systems – Comparison


In all cars, there are two different types of braking systems that can be found. The most common type are known as brake discs, or rotors. This type of braking system turns along with the wheel and is straddled by a brake caliper. When the brake pedal is pressed inside the car, the resulting pressure is transferred to the brake master cylinder. This pressure causes the pistons in the caliper to press on the brake pads which in turn clamp down against the disc thus ultimately slowing the car down.

The other type of braking system is known as a drum brake. The drum brake replaces the caliper and pads and instead uses a brake shoe. The brake shoe squeezes outwards from inside the drum which slows down the car.


Brake Inspection – Sound


Listening to your car can help you avoid large repairs by catching the problem early. Brakes are no different. Worn out brakes emit a very high-pitched screeching noise when the brakes are applied. This is the result of the brake pad being worn down to an indicator. The indicator, known as the metal shim, gives this audible warning to the driver to notify them to replace the brakes.

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Brake Inspection – Visual


For car owners with an adventurous bone, if you can remove the wheel from your car and visually inspect the brake this is the most accurate way. The general rule is that if there is less than 60 millimeters of padding left on the brake, it is time to replace them. For the brake disc, you can feel the surface. If the surface is rough or has grooves, the discs will need to be changed also.


Brake Inspection – Fluids


Under the hood of the car is a reservoir that contains brake fluid. The brake fluid is an essential part of the brake system as it keeps all the components of the system lubricated and functioning properly. Low or dirty brake fluid will cause some problems within the system and put the driver in potential danger.