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One of the most popular parts in a car is called a spark plug. This part plays an important role in the ignition system. The twelve volt battery in the car transforms its battery power via an ignition coil. The transformation allows the thousands of volts created to be channeled through the spark plug. The spark plug then emits an electric spark which ignites the air and fuel mixture inside the combustion chambers of the engine. If you are looking for spark plug price in Dubai or spark plug price list in Dubai, has what you are looking for.


Below are examples of spark plugs that we have in stock:


OE207 Spark Plug

Part Manufacturer: Champion

Type: Spark Plug

Part Number: OE207

Car Installations: Nissan & Renault

OE229 Spark Plug

Part Manufacturer: Champion

Type: Spark Plug

Part Number: OE229

Car Installations: Mercedes-Benz


Below you can learn more about spark plugs and their functions.


Spark Plugs – Function


The job of a spark plug is to create a spark that is generally between 20,000 to 100,000 volts. The spark is meant to ignite the air and fuel mixture that is inside of the combustion chamber of the engine. Spark plugs are programmed to emit the spark at specific times so that the fuel combusts at the exact moment.

Each vehicle requires a specific spark plug that fits the specifications of the car manufacturer to emit the spark require for that specific engine.


Spark Plugs – Replacement


There are several signs to watch out for which may indicate that you need to change your spark plugs:


    Rough Idle


    Most idling engines hover around the 1000rpm mark and have a smooth sound. Rough idling engines fluctuate between 1000-1500rpm, sometimes more and have a rough engine sound. Get this checked before it leads to serious damage.


      Car Start Trouble


      When a car doesn’t start, there are a few well-known factors that could be the cause. Battery failure or no fuel are the most logical. However, worn out or damaged spark plugs could be the cause also. Without generating the all-important spark, the car will be stuck in place.


        High Fuel Consumption


        Vehicle fuel economy is very important these days as we all look to tighten our wallets and save where we can. Spark plugs that are worn out can increase fuel usage by up to 30%, making trips to the petrol station costlier.


          Poor Acceleration


          Worn out or old spark plugs can cause your vehicle to have poor acceleration. If you notice that your car is not responding as it used to when you press the gas pedal, it might be time to replace the spark plugs. It will result in more fuel being used to accelerate.

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