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Suspension parts are the parts that take the heaviest beating on a daily basis. Whether it is a pot hole, a bump or turning a corner slightly faster than usual, a cars suspension is accumulating wear and tear. Suspension parts include shock absorbers, power steering components, springs, stabilizer bars and several other parts. If you are looking for shock absorber price in Dubai or shock absorber in Dubai, has what you are looking for.


Below are examples of shock absorbers that we have in stock:


Suspension in Dubai

Part Manufacturer: TRW

Type: Shock Absorber

Fitting Position: Front Axle

Part Number: JGS9015T

Car Installations: Toyota

Suspension in UAE

Part Manufacturer: TRW

Type: Shock Absorber

Fitting Position: Front Axle

Part Number: JGM9845T

Car Installations: Toyota


Below you can learn more about suspension parts and their functions.


Suspension – Function


The suspension system of a car is found between the car frame and the wheels of the car. A suspension system that is working properly will absorb bumps and wind resistance in a way that the passengers of the car do not feel the discomfort. Suspension systems are put under an incredible amount of stress every time the car moves.


What are Shock Absorbers?


Shock absorbers are a part that is installed in a car to control the spring motion of a car. This process is known as dampening. Another important function of shock absorbers is to keep the wheels of the car in contact with the road no matter what. Properly functioning shock absorbers help to stabilize the vehicle, reduce tire tread and overall suspension wear and limit the body movement of the car.


When to Replace Shock Absorbers?

There are three major signs that could mean your shock absorbers need to be replaced:


Long Stopping Distances


Worn out shock absorbers can increase the stopping distance of a car by up to 20%. The higher the cars rate of speed, the longer the distance that will be needed to stop safely. The extra required distance to stop safely could cause an accident if not managed properly.


Nose Diving


A car nose diving is when the driver applies the brakes and the car’s front dips lower than normal towards the ground. This dipping motion reduces the driver’s control of the vehicle. In bad weather conditions, this could cause an accident.


Uneven Tire Wear


When inspecting your tire tread, if you see uneven wear or bald patches, it might mean that your shocks need to be replaced. The reason for this is that the shock absorbers are not properly optimizing the tires contact with the road.

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