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Volkswagen Shock Absorber in Dubai


As an important part of the suspension system in any vehicle, shock absorbers are responsible for keeping the passengers safe from sudden jerks and bumps in the road as well as helping with braking. Experiencing longer braking distances or stuttering vehicle handling means that it is time to replace the shock absorbers. Worn out or damaged shock absorbers means quicker wear to tires and higher likelihood of hydroplaning in wet road conditions. For Volkswagen shock absorbers in Dubai, premium OEM brands like TRW and Bilstein are stocked by Search our database using your car information to identify the right fit for your vehicle.

  • Front Shock Absorber (Twin)

    Part Manufacturer: TRW

    Description: Front Shock Absorber (Twin)

    Part Number: JGM1032T

    Car Installations: Volkswagen, Audi & Skoda

  • Rear Shock Absorber (Twin)

    Part Manufacturer: TRW

    Description: Rear Shock Absorber (Twin)

    Part Number: JGT1054T

    Car Installations: Volkswagen & Skoda