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Car Wipers Blades in Dubai

A part that is forgotten often but is one of the most important when it comes to safely using your car is, your wipers. They do the dirty work to keep the windshield clear of sand, dust and rain so that you can see the road and navigate easily. If you are looking for windshield wiper price in Dubai or windshield wiper in Dubai, has what you are looking for.

Here are examples of wipers that we have in stock:


Wiper Blades Dubai

Part Manufacturer: Bosch

Type: Wiper Blade

Fitting Position:: Front Passenger Side

Part Number: 3397006833

Car Installations: Audi, BMW, Land Rover

Wiper Blades UAE

Part Manufacturer: Bosch

Type: Wiper Blade

Fitting Position:: Front Driver Side

Part Number: 3397006834

Car Installations: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen


Learn more about wipers below


Wipers - Function


Wipers are important parts in a vehicle that help to keep the windshield clean and see through. It is important that visibility is at the highest level so that the driver can safely navigate the roads.

There is a motor that controls the wipers and allows them to move across the windshield as they do. When selecting a wiper speed, a notification is sent to the motor which then generates the desired speed and moves the wipers.


When to Replace Wipers?


The most obvious time to replace your wipers is when they do not properly mop up water from the windshield. This normally means that the blade itself is worn out. Blades are normally damaged after being used when sand has built up on the windshield. The sand will cut up the rubber part of the arm and render the wiper useless.

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